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The Yellow Emperor Center – Chinese Life Style Empire!

The Yellow Emperor is a health center, a multidisciplinary holistic therapeutic center that deals with a wide range of body and mind specialties, all of which are based on modern Chinese medicine. The Yellow Emperor is an energy center that includes professionals, research staff and technological staff, teams that aspire to the development of the global health system and local health in particular. One of the main goals of the Yellow Emperor is to transform medicine and physical and mental therapy into an issue on the public agenda and to turn it into a basic and even pleasant way of life.

The Yellow Emperor Center is an expert clinic in ancient Chinese medicine that develops and develops technologies and methods for the health and maintenance of body and mind. The center was founded by Boaz Yeshayahu, a world-renowned expert in the field of modern Chinese medicine and herbal medicine. The Yellow Emperor Center combines two aspects, the clinic and the shop.

The Yellow Emperor Clinic

The Yellow Emperor Clinic has a professional team of experts from the Chinese medicine field, trained to treat and work according to the method of Boaz Yeshayahu. The treatments at the clinic combine the vast knowledge and ancient techniques of Chinese medicine such as acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, touch treatments such as reflexology, Shiatsu, Tuina and massages with modern and advanced technology developed on the basis of Chinese knowledge and philosophy such as electrodes, Cleaning of poisons through the feet, saunas of medicinal plants and infra-red, equipment for strengthening and enlarging the chest and more. All these together form modern Chinese medicine. The Yellow Emperor Clinic consists of 7 different treatment departments covering a wide range of diseases and medical problems. Any problem or illness to the Yellow Emperor clinic has the solution.

Department of Cosmetics and Esthetics

In the cosmetics and aesthetics department of the Yellow Emperor Clinic, treatments are performed naturally, without surgeries and without chemicals. The treatments are done using a new and unique method and include internal and external treatment at the same time, the results of which are proven and visible. This department treats a wide range of cosmetic and aesthetic problems such as face lift, facial muscles tightening, wrinkle blotting, blotting, eyelid lifting, narrowing and toning, cellulite treatment, lifting and chest shaping, breast augmentation, treatment and prevention of hair loss and baldness. Treatments are for both men and women. All the treatments are done with a combination of acupuncture, touch treatments, unique herbal formulas of the center and the advanced equipment of the clinic. In addition, all of these patients receive herbal creams and ointments for use at home to strengthen the treatment.

Diet and slimming department is correct

The Yellow Emperor's diet and slimming department designs and beautifies the body and helps the patient reach the desired weight while strengthening and balancing the body. The Yellow Emperor's unique method helps lose weight quickly and shape the body. This method combines ancient Chinese treatment techniques with modern technologies that are personalized to each patient and support him during the journey to the perfect result. Boaz Yeshayahu developed the unique method after many years of research and therapeutic and clinical experience in the field of diet and slimming. The aim of the treatments is to design, sculpt and sculpt the body in order to bring the patient to the maximum result of a sculpted and sculpted body and ideal weight in a short time while supporting and strengthening all body systems. Whatever the causes of obesity, the Yellow Emperor Clinic will take care of the exact way for you to reach the right weight and the body you dream of, while strengthening and maintaining a healthy body and a good feeling.

Anti-aging department

Anti-aging is the intensive search for the cultivation of beauty and youth and the preservation of body, mind and health in the modern world. The purpose of the treatments in the anti-aging department is to make the patients feel that they are back in time, that their bodies function better, the immune system can cope and prevent diseases better, their skin radiant and they feel energetic and stronger. Treatments in this department include strengthening the body, detoxifying, balancing body systems and relieving stress. Treatments include both internal and external treatment. The anti-aging treatments are suitable for people who want to get more out of life.

Department of Orthopedics and Pain

The Department of Orthopedics and Pain provides solutions to all types of pain, inflammation and common orthopedic problems. Modern studies have shown that acupuncture treatment to stimulate specific points in the body helps to recover from inflammation and pain, and today, in each hospital, there is a pain department that combines Chinese medicine with treatments. The Yellow Emperor's unique method provides a solution to a wide range of pains and orthopedic problems such as: muscle perception, back pain and cirrhosis, disc herniation, arthritis, knee pain, tearing of the tendon, muscle rupture, heel spleen, scoliosis , Toothaches, phantom pains and more. The team of experts of the Yellow Emperor Clinic will make a thorough and specific diagnosis for each patient according to Chinese medicine, with the results of the medical imaging tests relevant to the problem, the drugs given and the diagnosis of Western doctors to match the best and most accurate treatment.

Department of Psychology

The Yellow Emperor's psychological department was developed and adapted to meet the needs of modern people living in the West. In recent years more and more people have been suffering from depression, anxiety, stress and sleep disorders. Modern lifestyles cause stress and stress that affects our daily lives. The treatment of stress and stress situations prevents and helps to treat diseases and medical problems. The unique treatments of the Yellow Emperor can be the difference between life stress and anxiety and a life of comfort and peace and of course also for longevity.

Department of Chinese Medicine

The Department of Chinese Medicine treats a wide range of diseases and medical problems. Treatments in the department include acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, touch treatments and the integration of technological equipment. The treatment method of the Yellow Emperor's expert center is unique. The main diagnosis is made by Boaz Yeshayahu, an expert on modern and ancient Chinese medicine. The Department of Chinese Medicine deals with medical problems and diseases such as functional problems of the cardiovascular system, autoimmune diseases, respiratory problems, gastrointestinal diseases, pediatric diseases such as ADHD, hyperactivity, development and growth problems, dyslexia and dysgraphia , Psychiatric problems and severe and incurable diseases. It is very important to understand that Chinese medicine can be treated and assisted in all known diseases in Western medicine. Chinese medicine is also preventive medicine, and therefore in the Yellow Emperor experts' center we also treat disease prevention and health maintenance to prevent diseases and problems in the future.

Contact and Spa Department

Many of the familiar massage and contact methods originated from the traditional cultures of the Far East, China, Japan and India. The Yellow Emperor's contact and spa department has a wide range of touch treatments such as Shiatsu, Tuina, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Ayurvedic Massage , Thai massage etc. The touch treatments enhance the vitality of the body and relax the body and mind.

The Yellow Emperor Shop

In the Yellow Emperor store you can find a wide variety of Chinese herbal formulas, herbal cosmetics and unique devices. Boaz Yeshayahu, known as the "Yellow Emperor", developed a unique series of Chinese herbal formulas. The uniqueness of the formulas is that they are produced in the form of small black balls, like black pearls, so that they can be swallowed easily, even people who have trouble swallowing pills. The formulas contain only medicinal herbs without the addition of chemicals and other substances. The formulas treat a wide variety of medical problems.


A unique formula that helps in diet and slimming processes. The formula helps reduce appetite, increase metabolism, dissolve cholesterol, improve absorption of sugars and fats from food, and reduce body fat. The formula helps restore the digestive system, helping to treat irritable bowel, nervous stomach, hypothyroidism and lowering cholesterol.


A unique anti-aging formula that helps to delay aging processes and supports the preservation and revitalization of the face. The formula helps restore the elasticity and natural shine of the skin, deepens the skin of the face, helps to soften wrinkles and eliminate pigmentation stains. The formula is an internal treatment for cosmetics and is suitable for women and men who want to continue to show young and beautiful.

Forever Woman

A unique formula for women who treats and assists with menopause symptoms. The formula treats symptoms such as hot flashes, sweating, mood swings and vaginal dryness. In addition, the formula improves the quality of sleep, supports the bones to moisturize the skin, helps maintain facial appearance, firming the chest and encouraging sexual desire.


A unique formula that helps and treats sleep disorders. Formula is a natural and safe substitute for sleeping pills. It relaxes and relaxes the body, aids in the symptoms of difficulty in anesthesia, incessant sleep and early awakening. The formula is allowed for long-term use and does not impair alertness during the day.


A unique formula that treats all types of pain. Formula can be used regularly or as needed and is considered a natural and safe alternative to pain relievers. Types of pain that the formula helps are: headaches, migraines, toothaches, back and neck pain, menstrual pain, premenstrual phenomena and more.

Air Supply

A unique formula that helps relieve stress and treat depression and anxiety. Formula helps to cope with stress and stress, mood swings, depression, anxiety attacks, restlessness, suffocation, and more. The formula soothes the body and mind and helps to pass the day in a calm and calm way. The formula is safe and is considered a natural alternative to antidepressants.


A unique formula that intensifies the fertility of man and woman. Formula strengthens the body, strengthens the overall energy and enriches the blood. In women it strengthens the uterus and prepares it for pregnancy, balances the hormones and improves the fertility level. In men it increases sperm count and improves its quality. In addition, the formula supports during pregnancy and after birth it restores the body and encourages milk production.

Moon Walk

A unique formula that helps treat orthopedic problems, inflammatory conditions and rheumatic pains. It improves movement, strengthens the tendons and joints, and injects more blood into the muscles. The formula treats and facilitates a wide range of problems such as: disc herniation, back and neck problems, frozen shoulder, arthritis, sciatica, knee pain, albo tennis, muscle rupture, tendon stretching and more. Moon Walk is a natural and safe alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs.

Bee Pollen Tablets

A unique formula based on the extraction of bee pollen collected in the fields of Chinese herbs. Bee pollen tablets contain a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes and are considered multivitamins from nature. The bee pollen helps strengthen the body and its health, strengthens the immune system, helps prevent infection and prevents respiratory allergies. In addition, the urine improves concentration, strengthens energy and improves the urological system. It is recommended to give it to children for their proper and better development.

Want more information and free initial consultation? Contact us today with the Yellow Emperor Center or leave details and the relevant professional from the Emperor's expert team will come back with additional information and personal advice for a healthier, happier and more natural life.

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